Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight – Surgical Steel Mens Stretching Weights Price: $73.99 (as of 25/06/2024 08:20 PST- Details)


Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight, Surgical Steel Male Genital Ball Stretching Weights – These ball weight stretchers are crafted from 316L Surgical Steel and have a mirror-like finish with a view to take your breath away! They are available in a lot of different heights and inside diameter, combinations to be sure that you’ll get the perfect fit. This stretcher utilizes magnets as opposed to set screws to safe it in place.

A section of the stretcher pops out to let you put the weight on and then after you have it in place you reattach the prior to now removed section. The smaller removable section has magnets lining both sides in addition to the larger piece having magnets lining both sides to hold it securely in place.

At the same time as the magnets hold it securely in place they do allow for quicker and easier removal when needed without having to carry around additional items such as an Allen wrench, and also spare you from awkward positions and frustration of trying to screw the two halves together.

Enjoy the seductive look and freedom that the Magnetic Style Ball Stretcher Weight will bring to the table!

Take full advantage of the Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight At the same time as relishing in the simple and easy-to-use design with a view to take the headache out of your ball stretching experience! No more screw to fumble with.