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Anal Play is a turn off to some people but a major turn on to others. Anal Play indeed can be painful, it can also be exciting and feel amazing when certain precautions are taken and rules are followed. If you’ve tried it and hated it, consider trying again with toys designed for pleasure. When getting down and dirty with anal play, it’s always a good idea for the submissive to use the bathroom well beforehand and to become as relaxed as possible for it to be as enjoyable as possible.

Anal Hooks

Anal hooks, when used wrong can feel just as brutal as they sound. They aren’t flexible, usually made from metal like stainless steel. If the submissive moves suddenly in a particular way, it could mean some serious damage for them, and nobody wants that. Anal Hooks are definitely not for beginners and if you never experimented with anal at all before, don’t start here. There are plenty of other anal alternatives to get started. Beads and plugs for example are great because they come in various sizes and shapes so everyone can find what whats best for them.

The Steps to ‘Hooking’ Up

  • Relax – The whole session of Anal Play will be much more enjoyable for both parties if everyone just relaxes and takes things nice and slow.
  • Make the Mood – Any sexually experienced person can tell you that you just don’t jump into anal. Lube is good, foreplay is great. Take your time and set the mood before diving in.
  • Lube Up- Before anything takes the plunge show it some love with a little lube.
  • Start Slowly – Remember, slow and steady makes it better for everyone. By slowly tantalizing the nerves and stimulating the anus the submissive will be on cloud 9 in no time.

Anal Beads

As forementioned, Anal Beads make a great choice for beginners due to the various shapes and sizes they come in. Models are even available that vary in size from one bead to the next, making it great for working your way up to the next level. Aside from using them at the beginner level, the more traditional method of using Anal beads consists of inserting them into the anus and then pulling them out slowly or quickly, depending on the desired effect. The pleasure that these beads provide comes from them passing through the sphincter muscles.

Butt Plugs

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A butt plug is similar to Anal Beads in the sense that it’s great for beginners getting into Anal Play. A Butt Plug is a sex toy that plugs the anus and rectum. It is used commonly in BDSM situations to dilate the anus for anal sex. Butt Plugs come in many different variations like magnifying glasses, textured models, and vibrators. The butt plug isn’t meant to be kept in the anus for the entire duration of intercourse or used in an in-and-out motion. It simply acts like its name would imply, like a plug. Once it’s taken out, the anus cavity is then ready for something bigger like a vibrator,  strap-on,  dildo, or penis.

Anal Beads vs Butt Plugs

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Anal Sex Tips

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