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Let’s dive into the wonderful world of gags! The Ball Gag is one of the most popular and well-known but there are a bunch more. Penis Gags, Pony Bit Gags, and Ring Gags just to name a few! A little disclaimer about Gags and using them in the bedroom. There are a ton of options available and even a ton more if you get creative. Play responsibly and be mindful of choking hazards, especially when using your own creations.

Ball Gags

The Ball Gag model consists of a strap, made from some sort of fabric or leather, that has a rubber ball attached to it that is placed inside the mouth of the submissive partner. There are many different models available, but the Ball Gag stands as one of the fan-favorites.

Medical Gags

A Medical Gag fits the head in the same sense as the others but its design is meant to keep the wearer’s mouth open. It was originally used in hospitals and dentists when working inside of a patient’s mouth to prevent them from closing their jaws.

Open Mouth Gags

An Open Mouth Gag is just what its name would suggest. Its sole purpose is to keep the mouth open without obstructing it. A Medical Gag is an Open Mouth Gag. A Ring Gag and Tube Gag are also examples of Open Mouth models. If you or your partner have asthma or breathing problems, these Gags don’t restrict breathing like the others and they still provide a layer of erotica for the bedroom.

Penis Gags

Also called a Pecker Gag, this version is made to resembling an erect penis or a nipple, and it’s placed into the mouth of the wearer and acts like an adult pacifier. The purpose of the phallic shape is to give it an erotic sensation, while some models may be wide and flat and big enough to fill the mouth. This version is designed to depress the tongue.

Pony Bit Gags

Similar in design to the Ball Gag, the Pony Bit Gag dons a bar instead of a ball. The strap fastens to the head of the wearer and commonly there is a bar attached via 2 rings and that bar is placed into the mouth of the submissive. Unlike the Ball Gag, it is a little easier to talk with a Pony Bit Gag in your mouth.

Unique and Inflatable Gags

There are a ton of gags on the market. Inflatable Gags are what they sound like, in fact, there are Inflatable models of Penis Gags available. As for Unique, seasoned veterans get creative. Stuff Gags are made from socks, pantyhose, and underwear. Tube Gags are like Ball Gags but allow for easier breathing. There are Muzzle Gags that fit over the whole bottom half of the face. People even use regular run of the mill baby pacifier as well. When experimenting with gags, be mindful of choking hazards.

Ring Gags

A Ring Gag is another Gag that is similar to the Ball Gag. Just replace the Ball with a Ring and viola!


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