Inflatable Gags and Other Unique Bondage Gags

A gag is a tool used during BDSM play that symbolizes control between the Dom and the sub. The gag is worn inside the sub’s mouth and is secured behind the head. While muzzled, the sub cannot speak and will drool excessively, grunt, and struggle. These noises and visuals are a turn on for both the Dom and sub. While wearing the gag, the sub has a heightened sense of helplessness and loss of power. They do not know when they will be released from the gag.

What are Inflatable Gags?

An inflatable gag inflates inside the wearer’s mouth by using a hand pump. Inflatable gags are less intimidating because they are softer, smaller, and easier to place inside the mouth. Because they can be inflated once inside, the fit is customized to the wearer’s mouth. An example of an inflatable gag is a butterfly gag. The butterfly gag is a wing-shaped gag with a middle part that is secured behind the teeth. The wings sit between the teeth and lips. Butterfly gags are usually used in conjunction with an O-ring.

What are Unique Bondage Gags?

As implied above, a gag can be anything placed inside the mouth that will restrict speech. While wearing a gag, the submissive appears vulnerable. The sub is forced to stop talking and experience all sensations during a BDSM scene. Gags range from beginner to advanced.  A beginner gag is something smaller to bite, such as a bit or cylindrical gag. Advanced gags include medical gags that force the mouth open and large ball gags that can prevent breathing. When putting a gag on, the submissive holds the gag to their mouth while the Dom secures the gag behind their head. Commonly used gags for BDSM include ball gags, bit gags, cleave gag, detective gag, bandit gag, hand over the mouth, tape, harness gag, mouth corset, medical gag, spider gag, penis gag, ring gag and muzzle gag. There are also many less conventional gags to explore. Unique gags may include:

Forniphilic gag

An object or device such as a dildo, toilet brush, or shoe is added to a gag. The sub’s hands are usually tied down, forcing them to use the gag to perform a task.

Funnel gag

As the name suggests, a funnel gag is a funnel attached to a gag that allows the Dom to pour fluid into the sub.

Pacifier gag

This may be a pacifier or dummy placed inside the sub’s mouth.

Safety Considerations of Gag Wearing

First, as with any BDSM roleplay, ensure that your partner is consenting and desires the use of a gag. Communicate with each other openly about limits and how long the sub will remain with the gag inside or covering their mouth. Safe actions, physical gestures, or grunts can communicate when to continue and when to stop. The sub may also choose to hold an object in their hands and drop that object once their limit has been reached. Gags should not be used on anyone who is ill or who may have breathing issues. The gag should never fully inhibit a person’s breathing. The sub wearing the gag should never be left alone. Vomiting and choking are a real possibility when wearing a gag. Instructions on how to use a gag are specific to the type of gag purchased.

As with all sex toys, gags should be sanitized between use. Cleaning can be done using a sex toy cleaner, warm water and soap, or an alcohol wipe. Some gags may be boiled in hot water or can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Pay careful attention to any ridges, holes, or crevices where fluids may become trapped. Follow the care instructions given by the gag manufacturer for proper cleaning and storage.

10 Unique and Inflatable Gag Brands / Makers

There are many different styles of gags to choose from. Gags are worn to prevent the wearer from speaking. The drooling and struggling to speak can be sexually arousing for some. Unique and inflatable gag makers include:

  1. Master Series
  2. Kink Industries
  3. Little Miss Muffet
  4. Doghouse Leathers
  5. Sportsheets
  6. Fetish Fantasy
  7. Lux Fetish
  8. Scandal
  9. Sex & Mischief
  10. Lovehoney

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