Open Mouth Gags

Gags are often used during BDSM roleplay. They are used to humiliate and silence the sub or slave. The sound of a submissive struggling to speak, drooling, and grunting are sexually arousing for some Doms. While the submissive is under the Dom’s control, their sense of helplessness increases, which is considered a turn-on for some. A gag is a device worn inside the sub’s mouth and is usually buckled around the head. Penis gags, medical gags, penis gags, and ring gags are just a few of the different types of gags available.

What are Open Mouth Gags?

An open mouth gag or O gag is a leather strap with a metal ring that holds the mouth open, usually wider than a ball gag. The wearer’s speech is somewhat restricted, and they may drool excessively. Since their mouth is unobstructed, they can still breathe and perform oral sex if the ring is large enough. O gags are usually made from stainless steel, metal, leather, or silicone. When buying an open mouth gag, it is best to pick a comfortable, smaller size and gradually upgrade to a larger one once the wearer becomes more experienced in wearing a gag. There are many different kinds of open mouth gags, including:

  • Ring gag: A gag with a hollow ring that provides access to the mouth.
  • Spider gags: The ring has metal “legs” that help to hold the mouth open wider
  • Ring gag hybrids: Ring gags may have nipple clamps or leash attachments
  • Regular ring gags: The ring is made of silicone or metal and under 2 inches in diameter
  • Deep throat gags: The ring is large enough to allow for deep throating and also has a second ring that will make oral sex more comfortable
  • Tube gags: A gag with a tube attached instead of a ring.
  • Whitehead gags: A type of medical gag consisting of a two-piece metal frame that holds the mouth open. It has bent sections that are lodged behind the wearer’s teeth.

Safety Considerations of Gag Wearing

First, as with any BDSM roleplay, ensure that your partner is consenting and desires the use of an open mouth gag. Communicate with each other openly about limits and how long the sub will remain with the O gag inside their mouth. Safe actions, physical gestures, or grunts can communicate when to continue and when to stop. The sub may also choose to hold an object in their hands and drop that object once their limit has been reached. Gags should not be used on anyone who is ill or who may have breathing issues. The gag should never fully inhibit a person’s breathing. The sub wearing the gag should never be left alone. Vomiting and choking are a real possibility when wearing a gag. Instructions on how to use a gag are specific to the type of gag purchased.

As with all sex toys, ring gags should be sanitized between uses. Cleaning can be done using a toy cleaner, warm water and soap, or an alcohol wipe. Some gags may be boiled in hot water or can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Pay careful attention to any ridges, holes, or crevices where fluids may become trapped. Follow the care instructions given by the gag manufacturer for cleaning and storage.

10 Open Mouth Gag Brands / Manufacturers

Open mouth gags are worn inside the mouth and strapped around the head. They hold the wearer’s mouth open so that they cannot speak. If the ring is wide enough, oral sex may be performed. O gags are considered desirable because they cause the sub to drool excessively. It is important to select an open mouth gag that is comfortable for the wearer so that they do not choke or vomit. Some O gag makers include:

  1. Sex & Mischief
  2. DOMINIX Deluxe
  3. Lovehoney
  4. Cal Exotics
  5. Bondage Boutique
  6. Fetish Fantasy
  7. Scandal
  8. Ouch!
  9. Bondage Boutique
  10. Zado

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