Bondage Ticklers

Sensation play is when one consenting partner(s) performs physical touch upon another consenting partner(s) for erotic pleasure. These sensations are sensual, light, and teasing, but in BDSM, they can lead up to something stronger. Soft tools such as fabrics, feathers, ice, oils, and ticklers can be used. For some, tickling can be a sexually arousing experience.

What is a Bondage Tickler?

A tickler is usually made from a handle with feathers or other light, soft material at the end. The sensation delivered by the tickler is pleasant, light, and sometimes relaxing. The tickler can also be used for the torture of a consenting partner or sub. Using the tickler for a prolonged period while a sub is restrained can be a form of pleasurable torture for some. Instruments intended for more intense play, such as a flogger or whip, can also be used as a tickler.

How Do You Use a Bondage Tickler?

Whether engaging in impact or sensation play, ensure that your partner is consenting and wants to be tickled. Communicate with each other openly about intensity, limits, and where they would like to be tickled. Safewords can be used, such as “green” to continue, “yellow” to continue at the same intensity level, and “red” to stop. Even though tickling is a light sensation, if your sub is restrained during tickling, it may be useful for them to communicate their limits. Knowing your partner’s limits brings more pleasure to both of you as they will be able to withstand the tickling for a more extended period.

If you are using a more intense instrument such as a flog or whip, the Dom should first warm up their partner before beginning. The sub should lay on their stomach on a bed or bent over the edge of a bed or bench. The flogger, whip, or crop can be used to first tickle and tease the sub’s body before striking. It is crucial to only deliver impacts to parts of the body with more muscle or flat, such as the buttocks or upper back. If the Top uses force, they should not hit the abdomen, neck, hip bones, tailbone, collarbone, head, or anywhere that skin touches bone. Lighter touches and tickling are okay anywhere the sub has communicated as safe.

Types of Bondage Ticklers

The design of a tickler is straightforward, but there are a few different styles to choose from. Some different types of ticklers include:

  • Standard tickler: A standard tickler includes a handle with a soft feathery ball at the end.
  • Luxury tickler: A luxury tickler has a longer handle that allows the user to easily explore their partner’s body. It usually has one large feather at the end.
  • Duster: A duster has a more substantial, shorter handle, similar to a duster you would use around the house. It has multiple feathers at the end.
  • Combination tickler: A tickler that has feathers on one end with a dildo shaped handle.

10 Bondage Tickler Brands / Makers

A sexy feather duster or tickler is a great way to introduce sensation play into the bedroom. It is a non-intimidating beginner toy for those who are new to BDSM. Some brands that make ticklers include:

  1. Vivilover
  2. Greygasms
  3. Sex Kitten
  4. Sex & Mischief
  5. Too Timid
  6. Fetish Fantasy
  7. Lovehoney
  8. Sportsheets International
  9. CalExotics
  10. Pipedream

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