Bondage Paddles & Slappers

Impact play is when a consenting sub asks to be struck by a consenting partner (Top) for pleasure. The act may be for the sexual gratification of the sub or both the Top and sub. Impact play is performed on areas of the body with more muscle tissue or fat, such as the buttocks or upper back, between the shoulders. It requires experience and skill to ensure the blows remain only in safe spaces of the body. Impact play is often performed using a tool such as a crop, whip, cane, paddle, or slapper.

What is a Bondage Paddle?

A BDSM paddle is made from a handle on one end, and a wide panel on the other used to make an impact on the skin. A paddle hits a broader area than a flogger or whip. Paddles are usually made from wood, leather, plastic, or some combination of those materials. They may be rectangular or round. Paddles may have holes that allow them to swing through the air at higher speeds with little effort and create a more forceful and painful impact. The smaller the paddle, the more pain it will bring. There are many different styles of paddles, including slappers.

What is a Bondage Slapper?

A slapper is a paddle that makes a loud “slap” when it hits the skin. A slapper is usually long and thin. It consists of a handle with several leather pieces at the end that slap together. A slapper feels similar to a paddle, but with an added “slap”. A Dom may choose to use light or soft hits using the slapper or may use more than one slapper at a time to create a rhythm. Since paddles are smaller, they cause more pain than a paddle with a wider panel.

How to Use Bondage Paddles and Slappers

First, as with any impact play or sexual act, ensure that your partner is consenting and desires to use a paddle or slapper. Communicate with each other openly about intensity, limits, and where the Top should strike the paddle. Safewords can be used, such as “green” to continue, “yellow” to continue at the same intensity level, and “red” to stop. The paddle should not be used on any part of the body where the skin is directly on top of the bone. The neck, abdomen, kidneys, tailbone, hip bones, collar bones and head should be avoided. Some subs find being struck by a paddle or slapper on the buttocks, upper back, thighs, and breasts to be pleasurable. At the beginning of impact play, the sub should lay down on their stomach or bent over the edge of a bed or bench. The paddle should be introduced slowly and gently, building with intensity and rhythm over time.

10 Bondage Paddle and Slapper Brands / Makers

As we mentioned above, some crops can be found through sex shops, but some can be purchased at stores carrying equestrian supplies. The following list consists of a mix of equestrian makers and sex toy manufacturers.

  1. Madison Leather
  2. Naughty Gal
  3. Sportsheets
  4. X-Play
  5. Lovehoney
  6. Allure Lingerie
  7. Adam and Eve
  8. Triple X
  9. Queen of Hearts
  10. Bondage Boutique

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