Floggers & Whips

If you truly want to liven up your sex life and really get into the kinky stuff, canes, floggers, crops, sex whips, ticklers, and a few other favorites are what you’d be looking for. That’s not said to detour beginners, in fact, this type of erotic pleasure is great for all levels of bedroom play. However, it’s how far the couple is willing to take it that separates rookies from veterans.

Crops, Canes, and Whips

A crop is a sex toy used as a whip and most commonly on the buttocks. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey would be familiar with a Crop. Similar to the ones used on horses, the model designed for humans is optimized to deliver pleasureful pain.

Canes are used similarly as the crop but it resembles that of its namesake. Normally crafted of leather, a Cane is a must-have for any aspiring Dominatrix.

Whips come in many different styles and varieties but serve the same purpose. Sex whips are designed to stimulate a larger area and even be used as a form of intimidation and power by the dominatrix. It should be noted that erotic whips are not the same as whips classified as weapons or used as a tool. That goes for Canes and Crops as well. These are specifically crafted with erotic pleasures in mind and designed to heighten the overall sexual experience.

What Is a Tickler?

It doesn’t take a degree to deduce what a Tickler does. When used right, tickling your partner could have some arousing results. Toys like the Tickler are engineered to exploit that. The most common model resembles a feather duster, but more extravagant versions are available. If you or your partner like to be playfully tickled, you need this in your collection.

What Is a Flogger?

A flogger is primarily a whip but instead of one long strand, it has a handle and multiple strands. The strands. This toy can be used to gently drag over your partner’s skin or be used more like a whip and dish out some firmer whacks. Floggers can be used on the breasts, buttocks, upper back, thighs and claves, and anywhere else that feels enjoyable. Floggers are traditionally a little bit longer than sex whips and cross so you may need some space to operate properly.

Paddles and Slappers

Who doesn’t like to be spanked? For those who do, there’s Paddles and Slappers. Men and women alike have both been known to enjoy spanking mainly due to the physical sensation. The person being spanked becomes increasingly aroused as the pain transits into pleasure as it surges through their lower half. At the same time, the person doing the spanking may become aroused from asserting power and dominating their partner. It’s really about mixing the right toys with the right couples to get the best experiences.

If you and your partner are into using BDSM toys like these, always make sure to check in with your partner from time to time just to make sure everything is good and enjoyable. You may think you’re spanking too hard when your partner may want it harder, or maybe you’re being too rough and need to lighten up a little. Experiment and have fun!

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