Penis Gags

Gags are a popular tool used during BDSM scenes. The sound of a submissive struggling to speak while wearing a gag or drooling from gag wearing is sexually arousing for some Doms. The submissive is under the Dom’s control, and the gag wearing increases their helplessness within the fantasy roleplay. While wearing a gag, the submissive cannot scream or speak, only grunt or squeal. A gag is a device placed into the sub’s mouth and is usually strapped around the head. Most people often associate gags with a traditional ball gag, which places a ball firmly inside the sub’s mouth, between the teeth.

What is a Penis Gag?

A penis gag or pecker gag is like a pacifier but with a penis-like or dildo-like bulge. Penis gags are usually made from silicone or other synthetic materials safe for insertion into the body. The wearer sucks on the phallus. Some penis gags are inflatable, while some are flat, wide, and fill the entire mouth while pressing down on the tongue. The penis gag may be attached with a muzzle, ring, or panel strapped behind the head. In BDSM roleplay, the penis gag is used to humiliate the sub or slave and keep them quiet. It is important to select a penis gag that comfortably fits the wearer’s mouth. While larger penis gags are visually impressive, there is a greater risk of choking, vomiting, or worse. It is better to select a penis gag that is shorter in length that will not go too deep into the mouth.

Safety Considerations of Gag Wearing

First, as with any BDSM roleplay, ensure that your partner is consenting and desires the use of a penis gag. Communicate with each other openly about limits and how long the sub will remain with the penis gag inside their mouth. Safe actions, physical gestures, or grunts can communicate when to continue and when to stop. Gags should not be used on anyone who is ill or who may have breathing issues. The gag should never fully inhibit a person’s breathing. The sub wearing the gag should never be left alone. Vomiting and choking are a real possibility when wearing a gag. Instructions on how to use a gag are specific to the type of gag purchased.

As with all sex toys, penis gags should be sanitized between uses. Cleaning can be done using a toy cleaner, warm water and soap, or an alcohol wipe. Some gags may be boiled in hot water or can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Pay careful attention to any ridges, holes, or crevices where fluids may become trapped. Follow the care instructions given by the gag manufacturer for cleaning and storage.

10 Penis Gag Brands / Makers

Penis gags are gags with a phallus-like bulge. They can be attached to the head using a muzzle, ring or panel. It is important to select a penis gag that comfortably fits the wearer and will not cause them to choke or vomit. Some penis gag makers include:

  1. KinkLab
  2. FST
  3. Sohimi
  4. Doghouse Leathers
  5. Easy Toys
  6. Spartacus
  7. Sportsheets
  8. Dark Horse
  9. Fetish Fantasy
  10. Lux Fetish

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