Anal Beads

Anal beads are used during ass play, ass worship, spanking, and any other fantasy involving the anus or butt. Anal beads have become a popular sex toy because they are compact, inexpensive, easy to conceal, and bring the user enhanced pleasure during an orgasm. Anal beads are also said to increase arousal during foreplay.

What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads consist of a chain of beads or spheres with a pull or handle at the end. They are usually made from silicone, plastic, glass, metal, or another synthetic material. The balls gradually get larger and larger with each bead. The sensation of wearing anal beads is different from using a butt plug. Some wearers have reported that the anal beads provide a fuller sensation. Removal during orgasm provides an intense, pleasurable sensation.

Anal beads can be found in a variety of types, including:

  • Rigid: Typically made from glass or stainless steel, rigid beads are not flexible. They are shaped like a wand with spheres.
  • Vibrating: As implied the beads vibrate and are controlled remotely or directly on the toy.
  • Textured: Anal beads with texture such as rounded spikes or raised bumps.
  • Cock ring combination: Anal beads with a ring that is worn around the penis. This allows the wearer to insert the beads inside their anus while having sex, stimulating their prostate.

How Do You Use Anal Beads?

Before you and your partner experiment with anal beads, the receiving partner must be prepped for the experience. The first step is to use foreplay to become sexually aroused. Add lubricant to the area and a finger, then insert a finger into the anus. Gradually add another finger once the receiving partner signals it is okay to do so. Once they are receptive (and relaxed) to more than one finger inside the rectum, add lots of lube to the ass beads and slowly insert it into the anus. This is usually best done when the receiving partner is in a doggy-style position. Depending on the wearer’s comfort level, some or all of the beads may be inserted. Removing the anal beads is most comfortable after or during an orgasm as the pelvic floor will be more relaxed. You and your partner can experiment with slowly removing the beads during orgasm for an enhanced experience. If you have a vagina, avoid transferring the butt beads between the anus and vagina as bacteria can cause an infection.

Like butt plugs, anal hooks, and dildos, anal beads can be used in BDSM to humiliate the sub. The sub wears the anal beads for as long as their Dominant demands and may not remove them without permission. This adds an element of anticipation as the sub will guess when they will be allowed to release the beads. The Dom may enjoy watching their sub squirm while wearing the anal beads.

Anal Bead Care

Like all sex toys, anal beads should be cleaned carefully.  Do not double dip anal beads, transferring it from one anus to another without sanitization. To clean anal beads, you may use a sex toy cleaner or soap and water and then air dried. Once dry, store the anal beads to avoid contamination between uses. If you notice a foul odor over time, use a more powerful soap or consider using a UV sterilizer in addition to washing.

10 Anal Bead Brands / Makers

Anal beads can add another exciting element during sex. They can take the place of a butt plug or dildo. It is important to use lots of lubricant while using anal beads. Some brands that make anal beads include:

  1. BVibe
  2. Blush Novelties
  3. Adam and Eve
  4. Pipedream
  5. Bang!
  6. Cal Exotics
  7. Sex and Mischief
  8. Satisfyer
  9. Naughty Bits
  10. Lovehoney

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