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Gags are a tool used during BDSM scenes or fantasies. A gag is worn inside the sub’s mouth and is usually fastened around the head. While wearing a gag, the sub or slave cannot speak and often produces an excessive amount of drool. The sound of a bottom grunting, drooling, and struggling to speak can be sexually arousing for some Doms. While the submissive is consensually forced to wear the gag, they have a heightened sense of helplessness as they do not know when they will be released from the gag. Pecker gags, medical gags, penis gags, and pony bit gags are just a few of the different kinds of gags available.

What is a Pony Bit Gag?

Ponyplay is a category of BDSM role play. During ponyplay, the sub or bottom agrees to become a ponyboy or ponygirl. The sub is treated like an animal and must behave as told by the Dom. The dom may humiliate the pony. During “forced” ponyplay, the sub assumes the role as a human behaving as a pony. During equine role play, the human becomes a pony without any human traits, such as showing humiliation as a human might. The ponyboy or ponygirl may be tasked as a cart pony during which they pull their Dom in a cart. The sub may also be a riding pony, mounted bareback or using a saddle. They may be a show pony during which they gallop like a pony while wearing different equipment.

A pony bit gag is used during ponyplay. A bit usually has a leather strap that goes around the head and a bit that fits inside the mouth, between the teeth. Pony bits are similar to a bit made for a horse, but fit for use by a human. A tongue port may be included which presses down on the wearer’s tongue. Bit Burrs may be added to the pony bit. The bit burr has rounded spikes that press against the wearer’s cheeks externally. Just like other gags, the pony bit gag prevents the sub from speaking and causes excessive drool, which is sexually arousing for the Dom. Pony bits are often made from a combination of leather, metal, and rubber.

Safety Considerations of Pony Bit Gag Wearing

First, as with any BDSM roleplay, ensure that your partner is consenting and desires the use of a pony bit gag. Communicate with each other openly about limits and how long the sub will remain with the pony bit gag inside their mouth. Safe actions, physical gestures, or grunts can communicate when to continue and when to stop. The sub may also choose to hold an object in their hands and drop that object once their limit has been reached. Gags should not be used on anyone who is ill or who may have breathing issues. The gag should never fully inhibit a person’s breathing. The sub wearing the gag should never be left alone. Vomiting and choking are a real possibility when wearing a gag. Instructions on how to use a gag are specific to the type of gag purchased.

As with all sex toys, pony bit gags should be sanitized between use. Cleaning can be done using a toy cleaner, warm water and soap, or an alcohol wipe. Some gags may be boiled in hot water or can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Pay careful attention to any ridges, holes, or crevices where fluids may become trapped. Follow the care instructions given by the gag manufacturer for proper cleaning and storage.

10 Pony Bit Gag Brands / Makers

Pony bit gags are worn inside the mouth and strapped around the head. The wearer’s tongue is depressed and the bit prevents them from speaking. The sub may drool uncontrollably. Pony bit gags should be comfortable to the wearer to esure they do not choke or vomit while wearing the gag. Pony bit gag makers include:

  1. Fury Fantasy’s Bridles
  2. Terginum
  3. Dominix Deluxe
  4. Fantasy Leather
  5. Csara
  6. JG Leathers
  7. Happy Mouth
  8. Joanna Angel
  9. Hot to Trot
  10. Ouch!

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