Chastity Cages (Cock Cages)

NOTE: Male chastity belt details below. For female belts, check out female chastity belts/devices.

Chastity & Cock Cages for Sale

What is a Chastity Cage?

Very similar to the Chastity Belt is the Chastity Cage (also known as a Cock Cage). The Chastity Cage is built more for the male user, as it’s a cage worn on the penis, typically in a case of femdom or some other form of domination, that renders it virtually impossible for a man to become erect, effectively preventing him from masturbating. Yes, there is a male version of a Chastity Belt, but the Cage is different in the sense that there is no belt, just the housing that fits over the penis.

Something for Everyone

In regards to these cages, there are many different options available, including size, design, color, and material. These sex toys are relatively simple to set up, although there are more complex models out there on the market. At first, glance putting on a Chasity Cage may seem easy, but it may prove to be a little complicated to get it on properly the first time. Virtually every model comes equipped with a tubular-shaped cage that encases the penis and a ring that slips around the testicles, effectively trapping the penis and genitals in place.

Torture or Pleasure? Or Both?

It is quite possible to use a Chasity Cage to add some fun to that special moment, but the main use behind one may seem a bit extreme to the average person. It’s a specific fetish for some men to lock themselves into this toy and try to go as long as possible without being able to touch themselves. Some will go a few hours while others can last a year or more. This alters how these devoted few live their lives in many ways. For example, they oftentimes need to wear baggier clothing, sit down to use the toilet, and deal with some pain when waking up with a morning erection. If shopping for or considering one of these cages, be wary of the size and style. The most common problem men face when wearing these is urinating. Some models work better for certain size endowments so, do your research. You wouldn’t buy pants that weren’t the right size, right?

Most models come with a lock and key and allow the wearer to tap out at any time. When using a Chasity Belt with a couple, the wearer will give the key to the other person, leaving the fate and freedom of their genitals in the hands of the keyholder.

Male Chastity Cage Brands

  • CB-X
  • HolyTrainer 
  • Bird Locked 
  • The Vice 
  • Bon4 
  • Qiui cellmate

User Beware!

A Chinese company created an online Chasity Belt that locks via an app that the wearer downloads on their partner’s phone, designed to add some fun to long-distance relationships. What partner wouldn’t want control over their man’s genitals from across the country? Problem was, that hackers could also control the app, leaving the wearer to attempt to cut through the steel ring with a grinder or use a 3-volt charge from some batteries to attempt to override the chip. The concept is interesting, but perhaps the lock and key method is currently a safer choice. Whatever you decide, the option is there.

Chastity Belts are definitely not for beginners unless you’ve read all this and still feel like it’s something you want to dive into. In that case, lock it up.


(more on the faulty model here)

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