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NOTE: Female chastity belt details are below. For male belts, check out male chastity belts/cages.

A Chastity Belt was first mentioned in a detailed description by Konrad Kyeser von Eichstätt’s Bellifortis in the year 1405, where the Chastity Belt is described in the readings about the military technology of the era. The book includes a drawing of what we recognize as the earliest and first model of the Chasity Belt, and it’s accompanied by the Latin words: “Est florentinarum hoc bracile dominarum ferreum et durum ab antea sic reseratum.” Which translates to “These are hard iron breeches of Florentine women which are closed at the front.”

We Don’t Use the Same Medieval Model

Historically the original savage-looking models were built for women, primarily for the sole purpose of chastity, to protect them from rape or to act as a deterrent for women to keep them from unlawful sexual temptation. Today modern versions of the chastity belt are still used in the BDSM community, and they’re not only for women anymore.

The Legend of the Chastity Belt

For those into role-playing, the modern myth surrounding the Chastity Belt might give you some ideas of your own to spice up your lovemaking routine. As modern myth would have it, the chastity belt was originally used as an anti-temptation device by the wives of Knights during the Crusades. As legend has it, after the knight would leave on a pilgrimage for the Holy Lands, his Lady would don a chastity belt to show her devotion and to preserve her faithfulness to her husband. As erotically magical as this all sounds, there is no known credible evidence that the chastity belt existed anytime before the 15th century, which was well over a century after the last Middle Eastern Crusade.  

The NEW Model

Today, chastity belts are predominantly used in BDSM play in consensual relationships. To some, it may be a bit confusing as to why you would want to wear a Chasity Belt during sexual intercourse if the whole point of a Chasity Belt is to prevent the user from masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse. But that’s the genius behind the idea of foreplay that this sex toy unlocks. The purpose is for the wearer to completely surrender overall control of their sexual behavior either for a long-term method of preventing infidelity or masturbation or more innocently, for sexual play.

When searching Chasity Belts online, you may be shocked to come across some of the medieval-looking apparatus on the net. You may see belts with teeth, jagged edges, blades, or some other dangerous contraption, but take a deep breath and be relieved to know that these are not what you’ll likely be getting into when upping your BDSM game in the bedroom. What you’ll likely end up with is a simple leather or plastic toy typically sold by adult stores to expensive high-end stainless-steel devices made by a selection of expert firms, including Latowski in Germany, Neosteel, My-Steel, and Carrara Designs in Belgium.

Even though there is a historical association of chastity belts being namely for women, male chastity belts are reportedly far more popular among buyers, making the demand for them much higher. Because of this, the male chastity devices offer more options than the female counterpart. For example, “cock-and-ball” trap devices as well as the full belt, around-the-waist, style devices.

Chastity Belt Brands

  • Latowski chastity
  • Neosteel chastity
  • Latowski belt
  • Carrara chastity

Be Aware When you Wear Your Chastity Belt

What are dangers of extended wearing of feminine chastity belt?

Wearing a feminine chastity belt can be fun and arousing, but there are some concerns with prolonged wearing of a chastity belt. Because of the part of the body involved, you want to make sure you keep an eye on chaffing as well as overall ventilation. Although intended to be a barrier between you and your partner for the intent of bondage play, airflow is important. Prolonged wearing of a chastity belt could result in bacterial growth and other infections. So just be aware of how you are doing down there during your bondage chastity belt play.


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