Anal Hooks

Anal hooks are not a common sex toy like a dildo, vibrator, butt plug, or cock ring. The name and appearance of anal hooks can be intimidating for those who are not experienced. While they are not necessarily popular for the mainstream, they are understood and used by the BDSM community.

What is an Anal Hook?

Believe it or not, anal hooks have been around since the medieval times and were originally used for torture. As the name implies, they are a hook and are J or U in shape. One end of the anal hook, typically the side with a ball, is inserted into the rectum while the other end remains outside of the body. A rope may be attached to the hook. Anal hooks are often made of surgical grade stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean and safe to insert inside the body.

How Do You Use an Anal Hook?

Butt hooks are inserted into the anus. They can be used as a substitute for a dildo or butt plug to provide the sensation of double penetration. As with most sex toys, they should be used with lubricant and while the wearer is fully relaxed and receptive. Unlike a butt plug, anal hooks do not have a flange, so it is important to ensure it does not slip too far up the rectum as it can cause damage. While some users may insert them inside the vagina, they are not designed for vaginal use and may fall out. It is important to use the anal hook carefully and ensure it is not positioned incorrectly or digging into other parts of the body. Finding the right position can bring pleasure to the wearer.

Anal hooks, unlike butt plugs, will encourage the wearer to remain still as the sensation of cold metal inside the body feels much different than comfortable silicone. Plus, there is the uncertainty and fear of the wearer moving and causing the hook to move out of place or cause pain. Anal hooks are used in conjunction with bondage and wearing one will cause the submissive to move even less while being tied. Therefore, the submissive must surrender fully to the whims of the Dominant. Open communication and trust must be established between the Dom and sub to ensure the sub is comfortable. Never suspend a partner using an anal hook.

Anal Hook Care

Much care must be taken with anal hooks. Do not double dip an ass hook, transferring it from one anus to another without sanitization. To clean an anal hook, you may use a sex toy cleaner or soap and water. They can also be boiled and then air dried. Once dry, store the anal hook so that it does not become contaminated between uses.

10 Anal Hook Brands / Manufacturers

An anal hook is most often used during BDSM play. It can take the place of a butt plug or dildo. It is important to use the anal hook carefully to ensure the wearer is not harmed. Some brands that make anal hooks include:

  • Dominix Deluxe
  • SMT
  • Eden Toys
  • PNP Inc
  • Master Series
  • Rouge
  • Edgeplay
  • Romi
  • Hand Made

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