Chastity Devices

First, Chastity in Bondage

Chastity Devices are popular amongst seasoned experts in the wide world of BDSM. These devices can be used as part of a practice of orgasm control (prevent masturbation), or to prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual intercourse without first seeking permission from the dominant partner, who would be considered the “keyholder”.

Don’t be confused by the word ‘device’ either, it’s simply referring to the fact that the Chastity Belt is traditionally for women, while the Chastity Cage is traditionally for men. Aside from that, they are both Chastity Devices.

Chastity Belts

For those into role-playing, the modern myth surrounding the Chastity Belt might give you some ideas of your own to spice up your lovemaking routine. As modern myth would have it, the chastity belt was originally used as an anti-temptation device by the wives of Knights during the Crusades. As legend has it, after the knight would leave on a pilgrimage for the Holy Lands, his Lady would don a chastity belt to show her devotion and to preserve her faithfulness to her husband. As erotically magical as this all sounds, there is no known credible evidence that the chastity belt existed anytime before the 15th century, which was well over a century after the last Middle Eastern Crusade.

Chastity Cages

Very similar to the Chastity Belt is the Chastity Cage. The Chastity Cage is built more for the male user, as it’s a cage worn on the penis, typically in a case of femdom or some other form of domination, that renders it virtually impossible for a man to become erect, effectively preventing him from masturbating. Yes, there is a male version of a Chastity Belt, but the Cage is different in the sense that there is no belt, just the housing that fits over the penis.

It is quite possible to use a Chasity Cage to add some fun to that special moment, but the main use behind one may seem a bit extreme to the average person. It’s a specific fetish for some men to lock themselves into this toy and try to go as long as possible without being able to touch themselves. Some will go a few hours while others can last a year or more. This alters how these devoted few live their lives in many ways. For example, they oftentimes need to wear baggier clothing, sit down to use the toilet, and deal with some pain when waking up with a morning erection. If shopping for or considering one of these cages, be wary of the size and style. The most common problem men face when wearing these is urinating. Some models work better for certain size endowments so, do your research. You wouldn’t buy pants that weren’t the right size right?

Using Chastity Devices

Even though there is a historical association of chastity belts being namely for women, male chastity belts are reportedly far more popular among buyers, making the demand for them much higher. Because of this, the male chastity devices offer more options than the female counterpart. Most models come with a lock and key and allow the wearer to tap out at any time. When using a Chasity Belt with a couple, the wearer will give the key to the other person, leaving the fate and freedom of their genitals in the hands of the keyholder.

Keyholding is the act in which an individual holds the key to a chastity device that a partner is wearing. The keyholder has a great deal of power, one that is often taken on by a dominant person in a BDSM relationship.

Keyholders in bondage can involve individuals of any gender or sexual preference, but more often they tend to be heterosexual women who hold the keys to a male chastity device.

Virtual Keyholding in Bondage (aka Remote Keyholding)


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